The following comments were voluntarily provided by former clients who have given me permission to share their outcomes.

“Leanne gave me the opportunity to hear my own voice and to reconnect with myself. She is intuitive, a great listener, and fosters an open, comfortable, non-judgmental environment. She is never patronizing, or “experty.” More like a guide to help you stand on your own two feet.” ~female, 29

“Working with Leanne has been a “life changing experience.” I can say this without hesitation, Leanne has keen insight and a natural empathy that allowed me to open up and trust her after only a couple of sessions (no easy task). She led me in the direction I needed to go in and allowed me to discover for myself where the issues were. She also took me through the [language-mind] program which produced amazing and lasting results. But I believe Leanne’s greatest gifts as a therapist are her kindness & patience. Truly one of the best choices I have made. Thank you.” ~male, 50

“She gave me my life back. I am now able to move forward with positive tools. She helped me be a better wife, daughter, sister and friend. She gave me tools that enable me to work through situations.
I knew that it was fate for me to meet Leanne. Everything just fell into place and I was ready to start my healing journey and I knew that I could not go it alone. She is a god send for me, changed my life. What she did for me is so amazing and out of the kindness of her heart. AMAZING WOMAN!” ~female, 33