My NICU Family

As the parent of a NICU Grad, your struggles are real.

nicu2Your worries are real.

Your Love is real.

Do you Love a NICU baby?

Are you finding the every day events and kiddo’s needs hard to meet sometimes?

As the parent of a wee one born 9-weeks early and being a NICU Graduate family, I have found that being a parent is tough and the mama of a boy with unique needs even harder.

My NICU Family comes out of the struggles and joys I experience daily. The things I learned during our NICU stay, as well as once we were home after two months, need to come out and help others like yourself.

My NICU Family brings community where you can find new ideas on how to survive doctor’s appointments, development visits, and unique challenges. You’ll also find great ways to self-care and get back in touch with who you are as an individual navigating this new part of your journey.