Work With a Student

Working with a student is a fantastic option for counselling support. They are at the top of the mental health game, freshly learning new and†time-tested ways to help you move through what’s troubling you.

Another great benefit to working with a student is that the fees are usually Free!

They are supervised by a long-time practicing therapist (myself, Leanne, in this case) and have multiple avenues for†support to providing you with the care you deserve.

Meet My Students That You Can Work With:†Harrison & Terry

They are both working as counselling Masters degree practicum students using a Telehealth platform. That means they are only available for online video or telephone sessions.


Harrison Farrell

Harrison Farrell is a counsellor-in-training completing his Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. Harrison has previous experience in diverse not-for-profit organizations such as the Miíkmaw Native Friendship Centre, The Gathering Place, End Homelessness St. Johnís, and more.

Harrison loves to work with all individuals who are seeking help, but particularly enjoys working with those struggling with addiction issues. He operates from multiple theoretical lenses to provide his clients the best possible opportunities to grow together!


Terry Stroud20220826_170937

Terry†is a mature student who has worked with teens in the past, became an electrician(often called the “site counselor” by†those from other trades), and is now excited to become a psychologist and counsel people of all ages. He is passionate about the LGBTQ+ community, mental health, and doing a touch of crocheting in his free time. In his therapy style he works from existentialism and humanism, while integrating evidence-based practices that fit with the client’s needs. His style has been described as being “like a warm cup of tea!”


To work with either of my current students, please email or call me.


My Recent Graduates!


Jamie Malloff (April 2023)


Tessa Wilson†(April 2023)

Kaitlin Lee

Kaitlin Lee (August 2022)

Lindsey Pikkarainen

Lindsey Pikkarainen (August 2022)

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Lindsey Harris (December 2021)
Please visit Lindsey’s website:†